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Transferts LR et le pôle de compétitivité EAU vous informent des appels à projets de R&D émis par les programmes de financement européens et nationaux. Vous trouverez ici les informations dont vous avez besoin pour identifier des projets et vous positionner.

publié le 02/10/2015


L’Université de Montpellier lance la campagne «UM POST-DOC» qui permettra de recruter jusqu’à 15 post-doctorants contractuels.

La notice de l'appel à projets et le dossier de candidature incluant la fiche financière sont disponibles sur le site de l'UM :

Le dossier de candidature et la fiche financière remplis et signés devront parvenir à la DRED ( avant le 14 octobre 2015 à 12h (délai impératif).

La personne en charge de l'appel à projets "UM post-doc" est F. Brossier : 04 67 14 31 07 (


The AXA Research Fund is pleased to inform you that the Call for Applications for the 2015-2016 Post-Doctoral Fellowships will open next October, 12th 2015. This year, the AXA Research Fund will grant 25 Fellowships for an individual amount of 130,000€ over 2 years.

In order to request an application slot, institutions should be registered with the AXA Research Fund. To check whether your institution is already registered, please visit this page (

The international peer review evaluation will be carried out by our partner, the European Science Foundation (ESF). ESF is an independent, non-governmental organization dedicated to pan-European Scientific network and collaboration and carries out the review using AXA Research Fund’s criteria, under the supervision of the Scientific Board of the AXA Research Fund. The 2015-2016 Post-Doctoral Fellowships Campaign will be organized in three rounds:

  • Application slots: Institutions announce on the AXA Research Fund’s platform their intent to propose candidates for the campaign, specify the research field(s) in which they are looking for support and submit a description of strengths and characteristics of the Institution. Institutions will then be informed of the number of applicants they may propose (between 0 and 4). This round will close on November 13. No applications will be accepted after this date. Please make sure your institution completes this step if you are willing to submit an application.
  • Light Proposal: Operational Contacts of selected Institutions will be provided a direct link to the ESF platform to submit the names of their candidates, before December 7). Named applicants will then receive a login and password and will be able to submit their outline proposal on the ESF platform (before December 14).
  • Full Proposal: If preselected, candidates will be invited to submit a full proposal on the ESF application website (from February 23). In parallel with the academic review of their proposal (starting March 22), they will be interviewed by AXA Experts in order to evaluate their capacity to share and popularize their research with non-academics. Final results will be made public on the 8th of June 2016.

Please refer to the Modus Operandi available on this page ( for more information and material to share within your institution. We will send you an email to inform you of the actual opening of the call, and hope you will be able to participate.